What's The Sign Of A Great Wedding DJ?

Having done a number of weddings as a photographer and had the joy of sharing in many family and friends weddings throughout the years, I find myself always intrigued and fascinated by how a wedding all comes together on the day.

From the dress to the cake, the cars to the entertainment. I can always make a good enough judgement on how good a wedding was by many varying factors. One of those is the evening entertainment. 

I have seen some fantastic entertainment packages that light up a wedding like guy falkes night. The buzz and participation from those in attendance is electrifying and cements an already beautiful day.

Meet Simon Clarke. 

I met him a few weeks back at Rookesbury Park, whilst capturing a stunning wedding day. From a photographers point of view the day had been incredible, the sun was out, laughter was everywhere and two beautiful people dedicated their lives together in front of loved ones.

What Simon brought to the evenings entertainment was nothing short of magical. Himself and his colleague came in once the hall was vacated to allow for the evening setup. Now I have seen many a DJ come in, and honestly it can take a while to set things up, coordinate lighting sound etc. 

Simon and his team swanned in so gracefully and where ready to go in a matter of minutes; lights check, sound, check, energy to the max, check.

Seeing the effortless set up, the passion that went into picking the right areas to light up the room to give a warm, bright and inviting arena for the 1st dance was brilliant.

By then the party really began flowing, the music pumping with energy, people feeling the flow and diving head first onto the dance floor. Simon's mix of light, relevant music and warm personality made for a fantastic evening.

As a professional I can't recommend a DJ more highly that Simon Clarke, I found myself getting into the groove whilst snapping away.

If your looking for entertainment at your wedding that is professional, warming, relevant, engaging and most important a dance floor hit, then I wouldn't look anywhere else that Simon Clarke.

You can find him on Facebook or in his website