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I remember that day like it was yesterday...my soon to be wife walking towards me, ever closer to the final destination...my heart. Something shifted, a sense of wonder and belonging washed over me. I knew this was the day, I would awake a man... a husband...a piece of history etched forever more in my memories. 

I've designed my website as a guide, please scroll down and follow along to find all the information you will need. I promise you, like many things in life, it is all worth it in the end. If you like what you see and feel a connection with my work use the enquiry form to get in touch!


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I AM Kieran 

"A loveable character who captures the purest of images"

Residing in the beautiful port of Southampton, I have come to love everything this beautiful city offers. It is this city that I gave birth to something incredible...Boniface Photography. I have traveled all over the world and seen so many wonderful sights.

I consider myself an artist, a story teller, one that infuses natural photography with bright and powerful images that bring incredible memories to the forefront.

A Husband to Amy and an incredible Father to my daughter, I live, laugh and love deeply. Photography is my profession and my hobby. I started my journey as a photographer 8 years ago at college. Through many failures and successes I perfected my trade as a photo journalist. Professionally been in the game over a year now having done over 7 weddings to date.

I don't do fake very well, in fact personally I'm pretty lame at it...I'm real, raw and passionate in everything I do. It seemed fitting to continue this throughout my photography.

You will find a labour of raw and deeply emotional images that speak to the soul. I capture what I see, I weave the narrative of your wedding day like a potter with his clay.

As you maybe aware I love black and white photography, it brings a level of purity and stillness colour doesn't always bring. 

I believe my personality and photography style allows many clients to feel comfortable, forgetting that I'm in the building, giving permission to just be...with those you cherish the most.

If you want a wedding day where you can just fully enjoy your day with loved ones and have that day captured without the need to perform then come and say hi

So, let’s climb up to that mountain view, shout your love to the wind, hair flowing, dress floating on the breeze. Let’s start your story and continue with the chapters that follow.

Embrace the now moments forever.


My hope for you is that by reading this, you get to know me a little more. I would love to tell you more of my story if you wish. Lets meet, chat about your dreams and importantly make some incredible memories in the process


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Destination Elopements & Weddings

Up to 10 Hours Coverage
Digital Collection
                              Printing Available                                    Monthly Instalments Available

For the couple who's love is huge . This collection is designed for destination elopements & weddings. Covering all travel expenses for almost any destination world wide, say your vows wherever your hearts lead you.


UK Weddings

Up to 10 Hours Coverage
Digital Collection
                              Printing Available                                     Monthly Instalments Available


The perfect full day coverage of UK weddings, for couples not wanting to miss a moment. Covering all travel expenses, the package is ideal for those who's love knows no bounds. Have a half day wedding? contact me for further information



Up to 1.5 Hours Coverage
Digital Collection
                               Printing Available                                     Monthly Instalments Available


Engagements are the best aren't they? This package is perfect for those who want to shout their love from the rooftops. Choose me as your wedding photographer after the shoot and I'll give this package for FREE!  



 £200 per hour
Up to 1.5 Hours Coverage
Digital Collection
                              Printing Available                                   Monthly Instalments Available

Providing professional images to commercial entities both large and small. Perfect for capturing the right story of your business.


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